Monday, March 4, 2013

What I Wore Monday

Yesterday morning I did not get the chance to snap a pic, AND it was an outfit I have wore already in the last month, so would have been totally boring, so to make up for it all, I bring to you What I Wore Monday. A first and last edition. 

I was on my way to daily Mass, so I figured why not take a few and bring you these....

are you tired you of bathroom shots yet?

I'm kind of in love with this shirt/tunic. It's a new fav from Forever XXI.

 Our friends are here visiting from Kanas so we were heading over to show them campus, go to Mass and ended up getting lunch in the caf too. They are also focus missionaries and have been on staff as long as we have. It is always a ton of fun when we get together. Our husbands went to Benedictine College together and that is where they are currently serving. I still can't believe they came to visit us for the weekend, and with their 7 week old baby too! They are the best.

We are heading down to main street for wings soon, and I have a child who won't stop melting at the moment. Here's hoping and wishing and praying they behave at the restaurant!

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  1. mmm Monday wings...sounds delicious! I made chicken pizza tonight...totally hit the spot! LOVE the zigzag pattern shirt.