Friday, January 31, 2014


How we spend these cold winter afternoons...

Even the boys get in on reading the disney princess books, haha. I so hope our children grow up with a love for reading! I used to spend summers lost in good books. I've been trying to read to them more and as their attention spans grow, it's becoming more and more fun. For a while I couldn't even get books from the library because they would be tearing dvds off the shelf making a HUGE mess. But now, they search (with minimal mess) for one dvd of their choice (a  Disney princess one for Hailey, Thomas the Train for Casey) while I use that 3 minutes to pick out 4 or 5 books. It's something I hope to keep up!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Year's in Buffalo

This year we went up to my parent's house for New Year's. Three of my sisters were there which was awesome, but of course we missed the siblings that couldn't join us! We purposely timed the visit for the beginning of January so that when Luke was gone in TX for focus conference, I would have the company and help of my parents. We had such a wonderful time.

I think they did play dough every day.

Getting ready for his trip! Owen is showing his support. 
Casey LOVED having his boy cousins to play cars and trucks with.
Miss them so badly!
Sayler kids reading some classic stories with Grandma.
Auntie Maureen is so loved and adored by all her nieces and nephews.
I just love this girl. Perched and lost in a daydream.
Too cute.
Joseph, watching a show.
Our godson! He has such a sweet personality.
Casey and I had our own little tea party one afternoon...he got up before Hailey from was so special!
Our three munchkins.
Best friends. They love each other so much.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family trip to the gym.

My friend Jenny over at Mama Needs Coffee is doing a Wellness Project and I have enjoyed reading her updates so so much! I think it is an awesome idea. As mothers we have constant demands from the little ones, not to mention taking care of the house and loving our spouse. Doing something daily for US is so important. The sweet woman I worked under during college in my work study job at the library would ask me every time I came into work, "Megan, what have you done for yourself today?" She asked us all that. She wanted to make sure we were taking care of ourselves in the midst of all the studying, work and having fun. She also kept extra vitamin C on her desk for all of us. But that question has always stuck with me. My vocation has changed from student to mother, but it is just as important now as it was then. Actually, probably more so. I didn't have babies then, who depend on me for everything.

I am a healthier person - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, when I ask myself what have I done for myself. And it can be small. It just has to be something.

So, I've been joining Jenny from across the miles, you should too!

Yesterday, when Luke sent me a text asking if I wanted to bring the kids to the gym after nap time to let them burn off some energy and so we could take turns working out/watching them (they seriously should offer child care - all those college students! Come on! I know a ton of moms who would love it and use it), I said, yes definitely. The racquetball court was empty and the kids had brought two of their balls with them and wow, the squealing and running, and throwing and jumping....they were so happy. The hallways are super long too...the best for running....AND the swim team was having practice. They kept standing at the door staring at them and the girls in the pool were waving, smiling, pointing (coach kept giving us looks, but I couldn't tell if he was mad), and Casey was making their day by shyly waving back. Then when I walked over with Owen, you could practically hear the squeals through the sound proof glass doors. I like to think we do a lot of good for people's hearts and souls when we are on campus :)

Anyways, my work out felt great....although I will say I do prefer working out in the privacy of my own house better. Doing crunches on the mat next to one of Luke's disciples is not exactly what I have in mind when it comes to exercising! And ironically, or not, as I'm going through my sets of crunches, the song "Just the Way You Are" comes on my pandora station. I pretty much just stopped and smiled. I am amazing, just the way I am.

We came home hungry and tired. The kids devoured a ton of food and then collapsed into bed. It was amazing. Seriously, we'll be back soon. Very soon.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

This week's recap

So on Sunday, I got mastitis. Again. Which I think means (according to what I've read) that the infection didn't really clear up completely from the first time, which was around Christmas. And yes, I did finish my whole antibiotic. Still, it came back on Sunday and despite my best efforts I wasn't able to pick up the prescription my doc called in for me till Monday morning. We don't have any 24 hour pharmacies very close to us. So that was fun to wait for. Doing much much better now.

Owen rolled over! Stomach to back, which I think is easier than back to stomach but still! He's only 3 and a half months old. And he is close to doing back to stomach. He gets so far on his side, I'm sure it won't be too much longer for that one too. We weighed him yesterday and he's 16lbs. Yup.

Luke came home today and told me that the atheist guy he has been getting to know for the last three years (and debating with over lunch ever now and then) is joining RCIA. So awesome and exciting.

Also incredibly exciting news is that for this semester Luke's lacrosse bible study is going to discuss theology of the body. They are using Dr. Ted Shri's book, "Men, Women and the Mystery of Love." Tonight while I was making dinner I was helping him come up with some good discussion questions to kind of get them thinking and start the conversation before diving into the book. Some of them were: how many of you think you will get married one day? what are some qualities you look for in a wife? what is love? what were you made for?

I'm just waiting for him to come home and tell me how it went!

Yay! I just heard the garage door! Later! :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas in review

This was the first year we stayed home for Christmas. It was so special to be just us and to enjoy the excitement of Hailey and Casey. It was such a lovely Christmas, completely peaceful and relaxed. We went to Mass on Christmas Eve, the kids loved the manger set.

When we got home, I had to capture them all dressed up in their Christmas attire. 

Her new thing is to pose as a ballerina for all pictures. I love how even her little fingers are shaped!

After dinner, of course came the rituals of putting out cookies (and beer) for Santa and laying out of our stockings. My grandma (and now my mom) knit all the Christmas stockings for each person in the family - Owen and little cousin Hilary were the ones to get stockings this year! They are such beautiful works of art and I treasure them. My Grandma taught me how to knit when I was little and I even made a Christmas stocking (they are not easy!) but I gave it away as a present in a Secret Santa exchange in our youth group! I don't think the male recipient fully appreciated it at all! haha, maybe I will make them again someday.

Believe it or not, I only have this one picture from Christmas morning! I think I have a video too, but really all I wanted to do was focus on them, and cherish the morning, not distracted by snapping pictures.
This was her new doll stroller. And she is wearing a new outfit she got and wanted on right away, and pink shoes, that rarely leave her feet. She calls them her "peepee toe shoes." I think she is trying to say tippytoe.

Just three days before Christmas I got mastitis. Horrible, horrible timing, and just as bad of an experience. Now I know what other mom's were talking about. But it made me slow down, let stuff go I wanted to get done and rest a lot. 

These silly monkeys came and found me resting around bedtime after Christmas....

Reading my new book from Luke, "The Temperment God Gave Your Kids." Highly recommend.


This little man is too precious for words.

One of my gifts from Luke was a date to see the Nutcracker ballet! It was in DC, performed by the Washington DC ballet company at the Warner. It was exquisitely beautiful and breathtaking. We had Owen with us and he loved the music. Didn't make a peep the whole time :::sigh::: I still play it over in my mind...such a memorable night.

And that, was our family Christmas of 2013!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

2 and a half months

And......going on 2yrs old. Seriously, who is this kid? He is so big, so happy, so smiley, so ticklish, so talkative....and just so BIG! I had to raise the straps of his infant car seat up to the highest level but it didn't really help all that much, because his heels are already sticking out on the bottom edge! I am in awe of this guy and so excited (partially terrified) to see what life holds for him! Will he play in the NBA? Will he need an extra long twin bed as a teen? Will I need to buy a new car seat within the next month?!?! Probably! What is your mama feeding you?! Oh wait...... :)

Daddy/Daughter date

This was totally impromptu one day, Luke stopped home briefly late in the morning and asked the kids, "who wants to go to Mass with me?!" Miss Hailey immediately jumped at the chance to go somewhere with Daddy and told Casey, Owen and I, "You stay here. I go with Daddy, see Jesus, back soon!" She was already prancing around that day in a fancy dress and after putting her coat and shoes on, they both looked so sweet on their way out the door I had to snag a quick photo.

What a beautiful girl she is, and so blessed to have a daddy who strives so hard in loving her (as well as our other children) to show her the love of God the father.

December 17th

I can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged. No, I take that back. I can believe it. But! Time to catch up! I'll try to keep this as non-boring as I can, but you can't fault me for documenting for the sake of remembering these very precious times with our little family. 

Back when we got that first lovely snowfall in December, Luke took the kids out to build a snowman. It was cold and kind of lightly raining (yuck) but they loved it and were out there for over an hour. 

Letting Daddy do all the work, or course.

Packing down the base.

There he is! All done!

They were so sad when he melted just a few days later, and are eagerly waiting the next snow fall! Not sure if we will get it here.....we will see!