Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hailey Talking

It has been such a joy to hear Hailey talk. I feel like I have waited forever, when really, looking at the big picture, she was not really that behind. She qualified back in the fall for the Infants and Toddler Early Intervention program and a speech therapist has been coming to our house every other week for a 45min session for the last couple months. Hailey has really grown to love her teacher and has been making such amazing strides. Here are some of my current favorites:

The instant she wakes up in the morning, or from a nap, "I awake!"

The other day, it was 4pm and she was asking for dessert. I told her she had to wait til after dinner. Her response, "I not hungry." haha, not dinner time yet sweetie...

She knows we are going on a plane in a couple days so we are hearing over and over all day long, "we're gonna FLY!!! up high!!!" You should see her face, eyes so big, she's glowing and ready to burst. I love witnessing the authentic joy and wonder of little children.

Every day when Luke leaves for work, nodding her head to the side like an adult, "Daddy go work, he'll come home."

Hearing Casey cry, "Tasey, why cry? Mommy, oowie, Tasey oowies." She knows he's teething.

Wanting to share food with Casey. "Tasey. Tasey! Come here! Bite!"

And today, she melted my heart. Casey woke up first from his nap so he was downstairs with me playing. I had put the gate up on the stairs to keep him from going up. When Hailey woke up, Casey heard her coming down the stairs and went to stand at the gate on the bottom step to greet her. When she got to the gate, she was groggy but very softly and sweetly looked down at him and said, "Hi Tasey, you awake too?"

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