Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tot Swap

No, we are not exchanging children with any neighbors, relatives or friends. It is the name of the mega consignment event of all things infant and toddler related, that I am going to tomorrow morning. I'm pretty excited for several reasons: I'm going without the kids, aka, I get to take my time, enjoy myself, I'm going on a Friday morning - in the past I've gotten there on Saturday afternoon and things are already picked over, and my mom is in town and is coming with me!

I have high hopes to find everything on my list but we shall see. Some of it includes a toddler step stool for the bathroom, a life jacket for Casey, puppets, animal magnets for the refrigerator, a toddler bed (which I'm trying really hard not to get too hopeful about, but I would so love to bring one home for Hailey tomorrow.) She has been sleeping on the floor on a folded up sleeping bag that's topped with blankets, and has a sheet tucked around it for the last several months. She kinda freaked out when I tried to transition her our of her crib into a twin bed with a toddler railing and I have since learned the little lady wants something her size. After all, even Goldilocks chose to sleep in the smallest bear's bed, not the biggest one. Anyway, it's time to get her off the floor and into a bed.

So stay tuned and see the loot I find. 

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