Sunday, March 24, 2013

Circus and Haircuts

The campus we serve at as Focus missionaries is in a very small rural town, BUT the circus came today! It was the Piccadilly circus, and they actually held it in the gym of the rec center. We had no idea what to expect, how elaborate or how small it would be. And I could have sworn I heard there would at least be elephants and monkeys. (Luke is reminding me at this very moment that he's not sure even the big circus has monkeys). They were what Hailey was most excited to see and talked about it all morning. So we walked in, and no one took our tickets, ummm, people could have just walked in without paying! Obviously we would never do that, but still. Made you feel stupid that you DID pay for it. It was bizarre.

But in we went and I immediately panicked. All I saw was a huge inflatable slide, a face painting station, people walking around selling cotton candy, a petting zoo and a pony ride. I thought we came to the circus, not the zoo!! And all that stuff that I just listed cost extra money. You could look at the animals at the petting zoo, which we did plenty of, but you had to pay to feed them. I eventually saw towards the back of the gym that there was the main circus ring, with a big curtain hung behind it, so I felt a little bit better....there would be more. When it began, the kids didn't know what to think, there was loud music, bright lights, and horses, people riding horses and doing tricks on them! There were acrobats, a clown, a contortionist, bicyclists in a round cage....Hailey ended up loving it all, and Casey warmed up towards the end, signified by him climbing down from my lap and clapping his hands. But, half way through, that smart little daughter of mine turns to me and makes the sounds for elephant and monkey, asking me, "where are they?" I didn't know what to say, so I fumbled and made up a tiny story. I said, they couldn't come today, they were sick and had to stay home. I hope that's not terrible! I knew she was confused, which was all my fault in the first place, and so I felt I needed to give her a reasonable explanation! Poor Hailey, she will go through so many mommy "firsts" with me. But like I said, she had so much fun. She would imitate the performers by doing what they were doing with their arms and hands, saluting to the crowd (similar to the way gymnasts do). And all evening she has been playing circus by dancing around and saluting.

It was such a wonderful Sunday family outing and it was right down the road, which made it so easy and convenient. I'm so glad we went and would definitely do it again next year if they come back! We got home right around dinner time and had a hodgepodge of leftovers. After dinner, it was time for haircuts and baths. I held Casey for Luke, and he was amazing, never squirmed or fussed. And Hailey was already in the bathtub, but even that didn't make him mad. He is so easy going. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of him, but darn is he cute. I can't wait to see how handsome he looks in his new Easter 3-piece suit with his spiffy hair and all! It was his second haircut, but was her first. She is 2 and half and I have never cut her hair. Her baby fine curls were still at the tips but they were beginning to look quite straggly compared to the rest of her hair and would get knots so easily. So it was time. I had to leave to go to 7pm mass, (we had to split up for Mass today because Luke was actually attending a retreat till noon today), and I thought he would wait till I got back.

Nope. This is what I came home to....

I'm a little sad I wasn't there for it, but it might have been for the best. I probably would have gotten choked up.

So thankful for a blessed day with my family!

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