Thursday, March 7, 2013

An Obsession with lotion

Hailey, that is. Not me. She is ridiculous. Granted she has very dry skin during the winter to the point that we actually limit the number of times she takes a bath each week (she would take one every night if we let her), and we completely slather her with thick thick cream afterwards. When I need to get extra aggressive I put the stuff on her every morning too. If she feels dry, she itches, and if her nails are long, she scratches herself, and then those oowies hurt and need more lotion.....and on and on it goes. I'm doing my best here, few baths, short nails, lots of lotion, and still she deems it not enough.

Two weeks ago, I peak in at naptime because I heard some noise and she had gotten a container of aquaphor off the top of the changing table. This stuff is basically Vaseline.

It was everywhere. She tried to put it on her hands and feet and in the process got it all over her shirt and pants, and bed. After getting her cleaned up, scolding her quite extensively to get the point across, I took a good look at her clothes. And walked away. I didn't know where to begin. Petroleum jelly didn't exactly seem like the type of stuff that was going to come out easily.

I think I put it through the wash on cold right way, but with other clothes too. Stupid. Thankfully it didn't get on anything else. But I didn't come out of her clothes either. At that point, I did the smart thing and ran to google.

Rubbing alcohol. I scoffed and walked away again. The technique was complicated -scrap off excess lotion, pour over area and pat with clean white cloth- ok so maybe I was just feeling lazy and I just didn't want to deal with it. I was also feeling like I had already messed the whole thing off because I had thrown it into the wash without scraping, etc, there is no way it will work mentality.

Yesterday I thought I should finally do something about it and gave it a go. There was no excess stuff to scrap off so I just doused it with the rubbing alcohol and let it sit. I didn't have any clean white cloths laying around to pat with.

Then I put it in the wash again, on cold.

This morning I am in shock. Not a trace. Obviously I'm so excited that I came here to tell you all about it.

And guess what? Last night Hailey was supposed to be falling asleep and she comes in to my room where I'm reading my Real Simple magazine (ironic, just the sort of magazine to give tips about stains) and she is COVERED in desitin.

Googling again to see if it's same solution.

I'm coming for you Butt Paste.

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