Monday, January 18, 2016

I want to remember...

Casey's enthusiasm over this pregnancy. Since the first appointment where we heard the heartbeat, Casey has been so excited about having another baby on the way. That afternoon he told a babysitter, "I saw my baby today." And at subsequent appointments, his face is always lit up with so much joy as we listen to the heartbeat gently thumping away. 

Now that we know it is a boy, he often says, "I love my baby boy." For about a week he begged me to sleep in the nursery (there is a twin bed in there as it also serves as our guest room). I asked him why and he simply said again, "Because I love my baby boy." 

So I finally let him and I think we are going on night 5 or 6 and he asked if he could sleep there for lots of days. I find him staring at the framed sonogram picture on the nightstand. 

The first night he slept in there, I placed a white noise machine on the nightstand while he was brushing his teeth and turned it on. When he came in, I was leaving the room, but saw him walk over to it, smile and say, "yes" then hopped into bed. It was like, "yep, all set now." 

It is so interesting and sweet to me because for his birthday in November he got a new quilt that has baseballs and footballs, etc all over it and it is on his bed which is on the top bunk in the kids room. He loves that quilt. Also for Christmas, he got a bunch of Planes decals that we put on the ceiling above his bed which he loves to look at. But he has given it all up to sleep alone in the nursery!!!

Finally, the other night while reading books, we got to an Angelina Ballerina one, and he turned and told me, "the baby doesn't like this one. Boys don't like ballerinas." And he told the baby to just cover his ears.