Sunday, September 8, 2013

This is our life

Tuesday night is Luke and my date night. We don't always go out, in fact, we probably go out once a month. But date nights in can still be special and great too, not to mention, easy on the budget :) I love knowing that no matter what the week looks like, no matter how hectic, I can count on some quality time with my husband on Tuesday night. Especially during the first two months of school when Luke's hours are insane and irregular.

This past Tuesday we didn't have anything planned, hadn't talked about it, I actually thought he had something on campus to go to that night. Turns out he didn't, so at 7pm when he got home and was eating dinner, I asked him if he wanted to go to a movie with me. He was shocked and immediately asked who I got to babysit! I told him we were going to a movie in our living room, (silly goose) at 8:30. I had bought a movie off DirectTV. This is something we rarely do, usually we try to find something on Netflix but I didn't like anything they had. And it was soooo my turn to pick a movie so I didn't even run it by him.

Wellll, I wish there had been a 9pm showing to choose, or 9:30.....8:30 was too soon it turned out. We were trying to rush through the kids bedtime routines to get them in bed in time. And they knew it. Casey threw a fit, Hailey threw a fit, there were lots of tears. And whining. But they were in their beds and our movie was starting.

Oh I'm sure you can imagine what happened. Hailey kept coming out, making Casey mad and therefore cry. We kept taking turns going in to tuck them in and missing parts of the movie. Then we'd be filling the other person in and missing out on what was happening at that moment. It was all frustrating. Because we couldn't pause it! grrr!!! Then Luke ended up carrying Casey out, of course Hailey followed and they were laying on our laps on the couch, totally sleepy yet curious as ever.

It was definitely one of those moments where you look at each other, laugh and say, "this is our life. Look at us."

And next time, we'll get a babysitter. Or at least something from Redbox that we can stop if needed! Lesson learned. Buying movies off of cable, not worth it.

(we watched Now You See Me and it was just ok. I'd give it a B. Maybe even B-. But the cast was fun - Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, the guy from Social Network, the girl from Confessions of a Schopaholic, and the old guy from Batman Begins)

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