Monday, September 9, 2013

37 weeks

 Here we are, 37 weeks! Warning, these might be the worst self pregnancy pictures to ever grace the internet.


straighter. Hello baby!! :)

So I've had a trillion thoughts on pregnancy lately and have been tempted to type them out and share them several times in the last couple of weeks, but I end up restraining myself and not. Because honestly, I'm just a roller coaster of emotions. Why put YOU through all that drama? Let's just say, some days I feel like this baby will be here before I know it. Other days it still feels like forever and how can I sleep one more night (or rather not sleep) with this large human being inside me?? I'm so aware of him as a person at this point of the pregnancy. Let me try to explain. When I can feel a knee or leg or foot, when I change position during the night I have to like "bring" him with me... it's hard to explain. He is there. He is big.

But I'm not ready for him to come yet either. His room has a purple wall we are planning on repainting. I finally bought the can of paint today. I haven't washed the 0-3month clothes yet. But I bought the Dreft. His infant car seat is in the trunk of the car. It will make it into the bucket seat eventually. I bought the fabric to make the curtains for his room, now I just need to get the sewing machine out of box and sew them. Every day it feels like I get so little accomplished on the small projects and loose ends that I'm trying to get done before he comes. And I know it's because I have two small children and a currently swamped with work husband. I pinpointed today that what's making me all antsy to get this stuff done is that I need time to just be, and peacefully await this baby. I don't want to be doing projects till the day he comes. I need to be at peace and feel calm and ready, not stressed.

Not to mention prepare for his birth. Which I love doing and spend time doing almost every evening, reading and listening to the relaxation scripts of my Hypnobabies program, but it means those projects still don't get done.

And they will get done, I know they will. I try to remind myself daily to just live TODAY well. This blog is one of my favorites. I haven't stopped thinking about the wisdom in this post and have been carrying it in my heart all this past week.

I want to love being pregnant as best I can, till the end. We are about to receive the most incredible gift and miracle into our family. And reminding myself of this often helps keep everything else in perspective.


  1. look so beautiful! SO does that little baby belly! Emotions are so funny, aren't they? They truly take us above and beyond the reality of God sometimes, don't you think? Don't worry about not getting all the projects done, you will. Don't worry if you don't feel ready (or antsy), you will do amazing. Don't worry about the hypnobirthing "stuff"....just lay on your side, breathe and relax. All and all, you are a great mama that God has entrusted this little will get done what you will get done :)

    I love how you said you need to be "at peace and feel calm and ready, not stressed." Exactly. Don't be tempted to be anything else...even though it's hard - don't do it. That's my random two cents for the day :)

    Excited to "meet" this little one! God bless you!

    1. Thank you for your sweet encouragement Cynthia! It meant a lot to me you took the time to write such a kind encouraging comment! God bless you!

  2. Lindsay's is one of my favorites.

    You're so beautiful pregnant! It seems like you get better at it with every baby, too. You look so fresh and with it for being nearly full term! We've (thankfully) come a long way from our White Cheddar Cheezit days with Hailey and Joey...

    1. thank you Jenny :) Live and learn right? goodness we have come a long way haven't we? Cheezits have been replaced with raw almonds! haha