Sunday, September 15, 2013

We should have known better

I've been wanting to share a little episode I had at the fabric store the other day and it turns out my good friend Jenny just had a similar experience recently courtesy of a Target employee. What is people's deal? Seriously.

Anyway, about a week ago at JoAnn Fabrics I received my most bold pregnancy comment yet. I had picked out fabric to make curtains for the baby's room and was asking an employee for help finding a new foot for my singer sewing machine. Turns out they didn't sell them for singer machines. But it went like this....

Lady: So how much longer?

Me: About 3 weeks.

Lady: Really?!? Wow, that much longer huh? (Giving my belly that "oh my you look big and still that much longer" kind of look) 

Me: Yeah, I have big babies, like 9 pounders. (Thinking, "give me a break? 3 weeks is not that much longer to be looking this big. sheesh)

Lady: Oh so you've done this before.

Me: Yes, this is our third.

Lady: Really? You'd think you would know better by now.


Me: umm..did she really just say what I think she said? Is she seriously implying what I think she is? Megan, hurry up and respond! Say something!

Maybe sensing my confusion....

Lady: Unless your one of those people that just loves to have babies.

Me: Yep! Sure do! We love em.

I couldn't believe it. She honestly made a comment directly implying that this all happened by accident, we were on our third because we didn't know better. I'm sorry, I didn't know better that if I had sex with my husband it could in fact produce a child. No mam, these children were wanted, each one of them.

Then, as I'm trying to walk away.....

Lady: Well, I suppose, surprise or not surprise, accident or not, (AGAIN, assuming that we couldn't possibly have wanted three children), you love each one.

Me: Yes, yes you do. Each one is such a miracle and a gift. Have a nice evening.

I walked away not mad exactly, just shocked. And more so at the fact that people feel comfortable making these kinds of comments to us pro-life mamas, rather than shocked that this was her position on life. For that, I felt sad for her and she may have ended up in my evening prayers.

I drove home thinking about all the unwanted babies, all the babies who died that day and who would die the next, and my heart was very heavy and sad. Sure Luke and I laughed when I called him in the parking lot to tell him, "should have know better honey. Should have stayed away from you, what in the world was I thinking?!?" But during that 30 minute drive back, I again thanked God for this little one inside me, and prayed that more couples would be open to the beauty and miracle of life.


  1. Why hello! I know you. Didn't know you had a blog! . . . Oh my, I can't believe what that cashier said, and yet I can believe it b/c ppl say stupid stuff like that all the time. I think sometimes your response--not saying anything at first--is the best. It lets the stupid comment hang in the air and the stupidness becomes more obvious to the person who said it. I would think, anyway.

    1. Hey Laura! I love your blog and yes, I'm semi new to the blogging world! Still feel like a fish out of water at times :) But it's been a great way for documenting the kids and sharing with our out of town family. My mom used to say the same thing, about a silent response being just as effective. Almost like they are looking to see your reaction in the first place. And I do think there is truth to that! Deep down, I think they are trying to justify their own beliefs/practices! Thanks for the encouraging comment! :)