Saturday, August 31, 2013

Foam Party!

When Luke lived in California he saw a flyer for a foam party at a club in Hollywood. 8 years later, we're throwing a foam party in our yard! It's part of the team's beginning of the year outreach efforts. I had no idea what to envision until they were setting it up and testing it yesterday.

Check that out!! Ok, so this stuff is made of some crazy's light and airy, not sticky, you can rub it between your hands and it will disappear leaving your hands dry and not sticky at all. The machine uses water to make the bubbles so your clothes get wet but I just can't explain it, it's not gross. You don't feel like a gross mess. It's amazing.

Here, the foam is not being contained in anything. It's just creating a pile on the grass, and eventually with lots of walking through it, stomping on it, it goes away. Again, zero mess.

Casey took a bad and weird fall yesterday involving him pushing the fisher price shopping cart in the driveway and his entire finger nail on his ring finger ripped off. He won't keep a band aid on and even managed to get off the "gauze wrap/taped to his other finger" job we did earlier in the day. So we had to resort to the long sleeve pajama shirt with a mitten duct taped to the sleeve so he can't get to the band aid.

Bubble heaven.

Who needs pants?!?

Luke and TJ are outside right now finishing building a sort of pen to contain the foam for the party tonight and surrounding it with tiki torches. Add music, over 100 students, food and's going to be crazy!


  1. omg Casey's hand...and Hailey looks like she is in heaven!

  2. A foam party is fun! We also threw once on our lawn and it was good to see kids enjoying the clouds of foam. And to make it more exciting, we added some twists on the pool of foam. We threw coin chips on the ground, and the one who got the color we asked them to find would be the winner.

    Serina @Rocky Mountain Roll