Monday, September 16, 2013

My Sweet Son

Casey was having such a rough morning the other day because of teething. He hadn't gotten a good nights sleep because of it...not to mention a wicked diaper rash he had developed within the previous day. So around 10:15am, I scooped him up to comfort him and stop the endless crying and whining. The team was coming over for breakfast and I was wanting to help in the kitchen but this definitely took priority. 

I was so glad I stopped to just be with him. He fell asleep on my lap as we rocked. The sun was pouring in the window, Hailey was playing and the team was cooking and chatting in the next room, but none of that prevented him from just conking out. 

snuggling with his little brother in utero :)

I ended up missing breakfast with everyone, although they were just in the other room and they did bring me a plate of food. I was fulfilling my vocation and I could have been annoyed but honestly, that would have been kind of difficult because he was just so sweet. This hasn't happened in ages, and I've been so aware lately of how grown up he has become and that he isn't going to be my baby for much longer.

In general, Casey doesn't fight tiredness. He will close his eyes in the car with no fuss whatsoever. At bedtime, when I tell him, "Casey, time for bed, find your blankie, let's go..." he picks up his blanket and heads down the hall. Just yesterday, after I gave him the heads up, I went looking for him and he was already in the rocking chair with his blanket.

Casey, you are such a joy and will always be my special second born, my first son. I love you.

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