Sunday, September 22, 2013

Baby pigs equal happiness...

...when your three. Apparently. I have no idea why the current obsession with baby pigs but it's all Hailey talks about. I think it started when she and Casey spent the day a few weeks ago watching a tractor across the street from our house harvesting hay. I told her that the hay on the truck was going to a farm to feed the pigs, cows and horses. Of course she then begged me to follow that truck! Everyday she asked to go to the farm to see the baby pigs. Every.Day.All.Day. I was using deflecting tactics like, "I don't know where the farm is." "The farm is far away." Aaannnd it wasn't working. We do live in an extremely rural area so on any typical drive we do pass farms and see cows and horses, and we would excited point them out but none of it was good enough. She wanted those baby pigs.

Then I heard the Frederick County Fair was going on! And they had baby pigs! Hurray! A student had also gotten a handful of free tickets to see the Beach Boys playing for the Friday night concert at the fair. The bummer was that the fairgrounds didn't even open till 6pm, so we were getting a much later start than I would have liked. It ended up being quite a bit of effort with 9months preggo me, and the kids to see baby pigs and hear the Beach Boys for the last 30min of their show, but it was worth it.

First we had to pay our respects to the cows. (We really just came across them first)

All was good, until they started mooing.

Baby pigs at last.

She had this look on her face like, "um yes, these are my baby pigs and you all may look at them too if you want."

Casey was completely into the Beach Boys.

He looked so serious but was so intently and deliberately clapping his hands. He loved it.

It was kind of fun to see them in concert. They are so old! But they still sound good! We got there late, our phones weren't connected with the students trying to let us know they were there and where they were. So that kind of stunk. But it probably was the best length of time for the kids.

I started getting a little nervous too and wanted to leave. I absolutely did NOT want to go into labor at the fair. I was having a few contractions and was feeling quite a bit of pressure. I swear I could tell the baby's head was engaging with every step. I was majorly waddling my way to the car later on.

(I might add, that she has never seen Charlotte's Web and I'm actually planning on getting it from the library when this baby comes as something new and special for her. I can't wait to watch it with her!)

Now when she asks me to see the baby pigs, I tell her they are napping. She says ok.

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