Thursday, April 18, 2013

Playing Dollhouse

We're moving again this summer. Just across town, but a move is a move. We have moved every year since we've been married (4yrs this summer), and before that, Luke and I each moved every year since 2007. That's a whole lot of moves. For those curious, it went like this:

2007: Amherst, MA. We were teammates and both lived in the same apartment complex.

2008: Pittsburgh, PA - Luke. Champaign, Il  Megan. (Dating/engagement long distance)

2009: Loveland, CO. Newly Married :)

2010: Greeley, CO.

2011: Emmitsburg, MD. (Big house)

2012: Emmitsburg, MD. (Little townhouse)

2013: Emmitsburg, MD. (this summer, moving to medium house)

We're not in the military, we are focus missionaries :) And although moving can be exhausting, it forces you to not hold on to things you don't need. You part with furniture more easily because you got it from Craigslist, didn't pay a lot for it and don't care about it. Someday maybe we'll have nice things but for now this is the way it is. And I can't say I mind all that much. Aside from the opportunity to see and live in lots of cool places and get to know some amazing people, I have a small confession to make....

I love to organize. And clean. And decorate. And set up house. I think it could be called playing dollhouse syndrome. Each home has been so different and I have thoroughly enjoyed setting them up and making each feel warm and homey. I've definitely got sewing curtains down, but that's be honest that's like the easiest thing in the world to do. Still! Luke bought me a sewing machine our first married christmas and thinking back, I have used it to mostly sew curtains!

I'm probably nuts but I don't mind putting on my rubber gloves and cleaning an entire house before moving into it. And I mean deep cleaning. (Luke says every time I clean it's like spring cleaning, haha) but I like knowing its all been cleaned before moving our belongings and selves into a new house. I want it to be sparkling, dust free. I have high cleaning standards and what can I say, I'm only going to be happy if it's done by me. Or Luke. He can be even more meticulous than me.

I love organizing bedrooms, linen closets, medicine cabinets, although doing the kitchen always overwhelms me because there is just so much. And I like to hang pictures pretty quickly because it just doesn't feel like home until I have my familiar pictures on the walls.

I'm so excited to move into the new place this summer because it is bigger than the place we are currently in. I've already been setting up all the furniture in the rooms in my head. And we are allowed to paint! I really want to do the kid rooms.

Some days I do crave more stability but for now I'm enjoying the adventure and playing dollhouse.

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