Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes, vol 4

It's Friday! And since I am alone on this fine evening, I have the chance to spend some time on the blog and link up with the crowd via Jen.

1) What do you think of the new blog design? Or not new to you if this is your first time stopping over. Anyway, I mostly have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to techie things but somehow I got this much figured out. If I still like it in a few weeks, it just might be here to stay.

2) Tomorrow we are going down to DC to see the cherry tree blossoms! We're going to go on a little boat tour as well that we happen to have tickets for. It's with Capital River Cruises and is 45min long. I'm super excited and ever since we told Hailey about it tonight, she hasn't stopped talking about it. The girl is a little obsessed with water and boats. And friend we haven't seen in a while who lives in that area is meeting up with us for it as well. And we're packing a picnic lunch for afterwards. Can't wait! We hope to leave around 9am. I thought it was kind of early but.....

3) As Luke pointed out, we have been up every morning at 7am anyway, due to a certain son of ours screaming, so what's the point in hanging around? Let's just get out of the house and go! See, Hailey wanders into our room and into our bed at some point every night. So when Casey wakes up and sees she is gone from her little toddler bed, he is SO mad and freaks out and screams. Let me tell you, it is the most unpleasant way to wake up in the morning. Awful.

4) Luke and I love having a show to unwind and watch together in the evening. I know many couples who do the same and we love getting recommendations from our friends. Some that we've watched in the past are: Lost, Prison Break, Downton Abbey, and now our current show White Collar. Luke just admitted to me he is a little bored with it, but I really like. And we are about to start Season 2 so I think it will only get better. What do you enjoy watching?

5) I'll be 18 weeks on Sunday and have been feeling those little flutters of movement which is super exciting. I've already been having some lower back pain though which is not fun and the SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) that I had with Casey has the likelihood of showing itself way earlier this time around, I'm told this can happen....and may be happening. Please dear Lord, not yet.

6) This coming week is going to be intense. It's the last week of classes and Luke is swamped with end of the year stuff. I'm going to need to keep busy with the kids and plan simple meals to keep from texting him every hour with "when will you be home?" "I'm going crazy?" "will we ever see you again?" type of sentiments.

7) Today was full of messes. Water, pee, pretzels crushed on the rug, applesauce on the couch, and avacado that Casey pretty much decided to give himself a full body plaster with. Ohmygosh. He usually does ok eating with a spoon, he's 17 months old, but tonight was ridiculous. THANKFULLY, he was already naked because of having drenched his clothes with water (maybe it did feel good on his bare skin? who knows), so he simply ended up in the kitchen sink and getting hosed down afterwards. Those messes don't actually bother me that much. Its stains in their clothes I hate trying to get out. But I'm starting to get better at conquering those too!

Hope you and yours have a fabulous weekend!


  1. This is my first time here, but I like your blog design. It looks like the body of your blog is a little too wide for the middle of the background, though.

    I'm from the DC area originally. I miss cherry blossoms. :(

    1. I have pelvic girdle pain, too. It started immediately after the birth of my first son (now 2.5 years old). I am 23 weeks pregnant with our second child. The pain came back and was really awful. It is a very poorly understood condition in the US, so Ive spent a good deal of time researching it. For me, keeping everything aligned as best I can helps. A snoogle made a huge difference. Chiropractic care helped about a year after my son was born, when the pain returned. For this pregnancy, the thing that has helped me most has been massage therapy. We have to pay for it out of pocket, but can use our FSA (need a prescription). The massage therapist recommended that I use deep massage on my inner thigh muscles, based on my explanations of what caused me the most pain and the relief was instant. There are so many attachments at the pelvis, that any number of muscles can pull the pelvis this way or that. I still have pain and am very limited in activities, but day to day life is bearable and enjoyable. Hang in there. It gets better.

    2. hmm, you may be right, Lindsey, thanks for the tip!

    3. Lauran, I'm so sorry to hear about your pelvic pain! But so glad you have found ways to help it. I have a support tank that is designed in such a way that the fabric "pulls" your belly up and have gotten a lot of relief from that. And I think I'll definitely be looking into getting to the chiropractor this time, and massage would be so nice. Thanks for all the good ideas and encouragement! :) And congrats on the little one on the way!

  2. I was a BIG Lost fan... now I'm waiting for Downton Abbey to show in India... it's not easy finding decent TV shows to watch reguarly.