Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keeping Perspective

We have had quite a few quiet, slow days around here lately. And I know I shouldn't complain, but the days have just felt long. And it's weird because I do appreciate things slowing down and getting back into our routine (I love schedules), after things have been really busy. Its simply that being happy and content with the way things are in the present moment, can be difficult. We experience God in the present, so the devil tries to keep us in a state of anxiety of longing for the past or wishing for the future. Deep down I don't want my babies to grow up too fast. I do truly enjoy each stage they go through, every milestone along the way. BUT the mundane tasks of feeding, changing, bathing, feeding, butt wiping, putting to bed....can get so wearisome. I half joking, half serious said to Luke last night after doing dishes together, "and I have to feed them again tomorrow."

We do get out of the house, I promise. We love going for walks, going to play at the park, having playdates with other mom's and their kids, storytime at the library, students coming over for dinner, going to Luke's intramural games on campus...are all part of our weekly activities. And the school year is coming to an end and summer is round the corner, and we are moving in July so really this isn't going to last very long!

Right now it may look like: breakfast, do dishes, get dressed, play, go for a walk, eat lunch, do dishes, play, nap time, snack, play, make dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, dance party, put kids to bed, watch a show with Luke, me go to bed. Then repeat all over again.

But I'm trying to remind myself today that this won't last long. Before long they will start school, whether it be homeschooling or Catholic school, they will start sports and dance classes. I'm sure my days will become way more busy. Some days are busy now, but I know 10 years from now I will be even more busy and not having many of these quiet days at all.

So off I go to try and be more grateful, enjoy the slowness, and try to take advantage of the opportunities God is giving me in all the cooking, feeding, and changing these two little rascals, to become a saint.

St. Therese, pray for me!

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  1. Megan have you read that blog post about "the tunnel?" If not, let me know and I'll find it and send it to you. It's all about the tunnel of life when all you have are small children & offers so much hope and wisdom about this time you are in.
    I know exactly what you're talking about, it is an exhausting time but also a quiet and dear time. You have a good perspective on it!
    (Also I haven't forgotten your inquiry about the calendar, when I'm back on my computer I'll find the link for you!)