Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Musings

I had so much to do around the house today. Laundry that's taking me days to finish, leftover mess in the kitchen from last night, just general tidying up. And the kids wouldn't stop begging to go outside. It wasn't even that nice but I took a break and we went for a walk. We stopped on Main Street at the coffee shop so I could try the new drink of the month (and say hi to daddy and the team who were holding their Monday morning meeting there today). Then the kids and I went to the playground. Our tiny town has like 4 parks and they are all within walking distance. It's so great how independent Casey has become and can climb up the stairs and go down the slide over and over again all by himself. Hailey's newest thing at the park is climbing the rock walls. She's got some strength in that little body of hers. The fresh air did us a ton of good.

I don't know what it was about today but I ended up having a ton of energy. I'm attributing it to 1) 2nd trimester. Loving it. 2) After being sooooo miserably sick last week and finally feeling somewhat better I wanted to be productive.

After the walk in the morning, once the kids went down for naps (took Hailey forever and I was praying for patience the whole time) I did a Jillian Michaels work out. I had to take 10 second breaks a few times, but overall I didn't do so bad. I was sweating that's for sure. It felt so good just to move. When the kids got up from their naps I decided to cut the grass. It was starting to get long, the kids want to play in the yard with the weather being so nice lately, I didn't know when Luke was going to get the chance to do it, and I thought I would do something nice for him. I only got half the yard done and stopped because I decided I wanted the blades lowered so that it cut the grass shorter, I like my grass really short, and I couldn't figure that part out.

Now I'm waiting for Luke to come home from bible study so he can give the kids a bath. That's the one thing I'm not wanting to do this evening. He can have the dirty whiney kiddos all to himself :)

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