Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Practically Perfect Day

Yesterday the kids and I left the house. This is only epic because we have been cooped up with all sorts of sickness for the past two weeks. At 9am I looked at them and knew we all needed to DO something. We were temporarily healthy (we only had one day break) and we just needed to go somewhere, anywhere. So we packed up and drove to to the mall, 30min away. We did a little shopping, Hailey needed some new top/bottom pajamas since she is all potty trained (no more zip up fleeces!) so we had fun picking out those. Of course they had to be pink. Then we got McDonalds and played in the children's play area for a while. They loved it so much. We are going to do this again for sure. Even Hailey, who is normally shy in these settings, (there were about 5 boys playing all over everything) got into it and was having a grand ol time. 

She loved this ladybug!

We made it back in time for naps which was great. 

post nap wake up

After they had their snack, we went outside and played! It was 66 degrees out! The kids loved it.

Getting some fresh air really makes all the difference. Can't wait for more nice weather!

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