Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm still justifying this

Yep, its been since August since I've touched this. At the heart of it, I still question whether or not I'm a blogger. I feel like I need to live up to something I guess, some "way" of blogging. I'm not a natural writer, so I guess I feel insufficient for the task. Yet, does blogging even need to have style? It's about me and who I am and my beautiful blessed life. Which sounds self-centered to me. Again, a reason I have not blogged before. I don't want to become even more self consumed than I'm sure I already am. And yet, I have remained torn and still drawn to blogging. I have this love-hate relationship with it all. So many stay-at-home mothers that I know have a blog. I swear, everyone of them does. I would read their blogs and many times end up comparing myself to them. But again, that's my weakness, not theirs. They truly are great women, and more often than not, they honestly inspire me, giving me many things to think about and reflect on. Such as this! I learn so much from them. And I know that I'm not so bad myself :) There is no point beating myself up because I don't take perfect pictures of my kids, or craft, or make everything from scratch. I love being a mom and I want to share my daily joys, and struggles. And to be a part of the community of mom's who blog! Motherhood in this age, can be isolating at times for sure, and we mommies need to stick together.

Time to stop rationalizing, Megan. You have a blog, and your excited about it :)

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through the What I Wore Sunday link up, and several clicks later I ended up at this post. I appreciate your honesty. I have been on a break from blogging because I was having similar thoughts to the ones you described. Now that I have read your post, I think I am may be ready to start blogging again. Thanks for reminding me that neither my life nor my blog "style" have to be perfect! Beauty and blessing can be found in the up and downs of our day. And yes, motherhood can feel lonely some days, and we do need to stick together! :)