Saturday, January 19, 2013

Age milestones

Casey, a few weeks after his first birthday. He is the sweetest, most easy going little boy. He learned to walk the day after his first birthday and he loves to walk, I mean loooves it. He pretty much just walks loops around the house all day. He then will come over and hug my leg and nuzzle into my lap, get a hug, then off he goes again. And if you chase him, boy does he get excited. I love this phase so much, and am soaking in all these moments.

My little Hailey. This is her at 2 and half years old. She is a doll, and so easy to make happy. She just wants you to play house or kitchen with her, give her lots of snuggles and let her help you with whatever you are doing. Handing you wipes to change a diaper, unload and load the dishwasher, wash dishes, put things away, bake, anything. Her favorite things in the world are her baby doll, going for walks, swimming and watching boats. 

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