Monday, January 28, 2013

Self Potty Trained!

This truly was the last thing in the world I expected would happen. Hailey self potty trained last week. I'm still in shock. On Monday she up and decided it was time, she wanted nothing to do with diapers and quite frankly never looked back. She is doing all her business in the big potty and hasn't had any accidents since Wednesday. She didn't even want to wear a diaper for her nap OR bedtime. I went with it when she refused to put a diaper on for bed, telling myself I was going to regret it. I even put her on the potty half asleep before I went to bed to try and get her to go, but she had nothing. And she woke up dry! The next night she kept waking up all night asking for water. I would give her a drink, and tuck her back in. We probably did this like 3 times throughout the night. It was unusual and not like her. She was just acting like her mouth was super parched. Again, I thought I was going to regret this. I contemplated putting a diaper on her somehow in her sleep. But again, she woke up dry and asked to go pee pee right away.

And yesterday, we were out in public for three hours, mass followed by brunch and she was fine!!! I told her in church that there was a potty here, so just tell mommy if you need to go. And she did! Then at brunch, I told her the same thing again and she let me know.

It feels so good to say, it's official! Hailey is potty trained. Yay!!


  1. Congratulations! With every child, I've lived in constant dread of the potty training days... It has never been my thing. Your little girl sounds amazing. Hooray for Hailey, and hooray for you, Mom!

  2. Um, can you please have her skype Joey for some words of encouragement? Amazing!