Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Linking up again with the lovely ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple. Thank you for all the sweet comments last week, you all made me feel so welcome for my WIWS debut. This morning we were running late as usual. Our church is two blocks up the street and I love just being able to throw our coats on and walk up there. You would think that would make it even easier to be on time. But no. Would we be more timely if we did have to drive? Probably not. Bottom line, we need to work on it. I once heard that you should factor 20 minutes for each family member. That would mean giving ourselves an hour to get ready, since there are 4 of us. Next week, I am going to try it. I am, you can hold me accountable.

I feel kinda country in this outfit. In a good way. I think it's the ruffles on the skirt. Here are the deets:

Cardi: Target
Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Boots: Famous Footwear 
Belt: Khols

*my apologies for the commode backdrop. I didn't like any of the pics my husband took so I took matters into my own hands. 


  1. I am in love with that skirt!!! It's adorable and I love the red cardi too. I've been looking for one for awhile, maybe I should try Target :)

  2. Gorgeous skirt! I like it a lot paired with the red cardigan!

  3. That skirt is big fun! I love your side pony.

  4. It must have been a bad day for husband photography. Yours isn't the first complaint I've read today, and I had similar woes. Your outfit is like folksy prep. Love it. Something about that ponytail really tops it off.

  5. Um, yeah....that skirt is AMAZING. Loft has the best stuff, truly.

  6. Love the skirt. So fun and you could do many different things with it. Your sense of color is awesome. Happy Sunday!

  7. Hey, fashionable mama, would you like to become an official Catholic Fashion Blogger? I love your style and would be thrilled to add your blog to our growing list of missionary fashionistas here: You are most welcome to come on over and grab a button. Let me know!