Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rain, Rain, Come Again.

Aren't these boots adorable?

I love them! And yet, pretty much every time it rains, I forget to wear them! Who DOES that? Oh look, it's raining, I should probably wear my rain boots. And I love them. So how could I forget them. Today was one of these instances. It was pouring and I was leaving to take Casey to the doctor for what I thought might be an ear infection. (Turns out it was, poor baby...) To show you how ridiculous this is, I must show you this:

I keep them there on purpose. Know why? So I won't forget them. Right by my diaper bag, which I walked out the door with. One of my pet peeves is when my feet get wet in the rain. 

But here is why I forgot. I was holding my very feverish son, who was crying. I was trying to leave on time and was glancing at the clock noting that I should have left 5 min ago. As I was leaving, one of our teammates was walking in. I was throwing a coat over Casey's shoulders to keep him dry. Ultimately, I was thinking of Casey the entire time, and how I was hopeful for answers at our pending doctor's visit. And so, it was ok. Yes, it would have been nice. And dry. But he was more important. 

Would you believe though, that I came home after the doctor to drop him off to daddy before heading out to pick up his prescription and other errands, I still didn't think of it. That part is kind of irritating. Mostly because in the hour that I was gone I went to the post office, the library, the gas station, CVS, the grocery store, and pizza hut (momma still had to "make" dinner). It was a ton of errands in just an hour! And a lot of in and out, wetness. 

Next time.

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