Sunday, May 5, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

What a wonderful Sunday we had today. On the first Sunday of the month our parish has donuts and coffee in the parish hall. I was kinda really looking forward to it because I really wanted a chocolate hole donut. The kids had way too many and nap time ended up being a complete bust. There was lots of laughing and talking and jumping....and no sleeping. And of course it would be the afternoon I decided to do my new prenatal workout dvd and have to keep pausing it to go tuck them back in, scold and plead to go to sleep! In the end, I got through my work out (which felt great! I recently purchased Summer Sanders prenatal workout dvd, recommended by none other than that fabulous Grace of Camp Patton), and went upstairs to close my eyes for a few minutes, fingers crossed the kids would pass out already. I don't know how long I was peacefully dosing but I woke up to Hailey next to me shaking a change purse of quarters saying, "wook mama!" She then proceeded to turn off the white noise in the hall, turn on the hall light and take off down the stairs. I followed, turning the white noise back on for Casey (who had indeed fallen asleep), shut the light off and get downstairs to see, what it tuned out, she had been up to during my sweet slumber! Thankfully, it appeared to just be some puzzles. Anyway, we later got to go out for dinner with our chaplain and the team which was such a nice break from cooking. Then, per our Sunday evening tradition, we got Rita's custard and both kids were in bed, asleep at 7:30pm! Since they had already had too much sugar for the day, they actually didn't get any ice cream, such cruel parents I know. Casey didn't care, but Hailey let us know how mad she was. We told her she  had plenty of treats for today and she eventually got over it.

She is already so attached to her little sibling! It is the sweetest thing ever. She is constantly kissing and hugging my belly. 

Not the best photos, but they'll do. Counting down till we find out if this lil peanut if a boy or girl! May 16th is our ultrasound!

I hope to be around a little more blogging this week, but I may be hanging out over at Finding Great Joy, for Cynthia's Mother to Mother series on Disciplining! I'm really looking forward to hearing what other mama's have to say, Hailey and Casey give me new challenges every week!

Make sure you see what all the pretty girls on a Sunday are wearing. (Fun was in my head as I typed that.....)

ps: Happy wedding Emily! Congratulations!


  1. how exciting to find out who will be coming in a few months. love this outfit. it's simple and chic. so cute that little tummy of yours is.

  2. How exciting. I am going to have to try this belt/dress combo when I am pregnant next.

    1. you totally should! It was really comfortable and the options for accessorizing are endless.

  3. I love the belt with that dress! When are you due? My BIL and SIL are having their gender ultrasound on the 18th. (I just did the Summer Sanders DVD with my SIL the other day. It was tough for non-pregnant me!)

  4. Cute outfit and beautiful family!!! I'm glad to see you're doing well and I enjoy reading your blog.