Sunday, May 19, 2013

Little Italy

My really good friend Jenny just moved to Rome, (as in, Italy), with her husband and two boys and her blog does not disappoint as she shares about all their incredible experiences, big (Pope kissing her son) and small (potty training success....although that really should be classified as a big success) while living down the street from the Holy Father. 

Anyway, why am I giving her back round/life story? Because this post is mostly for you, girl. Last Saturday we up and decided we didn't want to be stuck in the house all day, so despite the threat of rain, we drove an hour to Baltimore to hit up Little Italy. Although nothing can compare to the real thing...I thought of you the whole time. 

Whenever we have visitors, Luke tends to be the one to take them into Baltimore for an afternoon and plays tour guide. I stay at home with the littles as they would be bored, slow everyone down, etc. He always takes people to Little Italy and then comes home and raves to me about how awesome it is. Well, it was finally my turn! 

As soon as we turned down the street heading into this quaint part of town, I felt like I just stepped into a time machine. I was transported back to Italy and although some things still felt the same, people driving enormous cars, looking for parking for 20 minutes, the buildings were sweet, and we landed at the most wonderful authentic pizzeria. They even had outdoor seating in the back with two bocci ball lanes for summer games. It was also lightly raining, so the whole setting just felt magical. 

I think Luke and I could have each eaten our own 14 inch, it was that good. I had to keep telling Luke to not eat the kids pizza off their plates! They weren't hungry at the time but I knew they would eat it later. We also had the most amazing caprese salad appetizer and ended our meal with a cannoli that was to die for. 

Not sure, or not hungry? Probably both.

Walking down to the inner harbor. When she heard there were boats, she was a woman on a mission.

Me: "Hailey, can you stand by this tree so I can take your picture?" Silently obliges and later I notice her finger pointing, as in, "let's keep going that way to the boats, mom." 

Tagging along behind his sister. Once he got those little legs moving, then he was hungry. Luke told me stopped abruptly at one point, came over to him with the to go box, shoved his hand in, took a fistful of pizza and stuffed it in his mouth. Then kept right on walking.

Classic Casey, the shy sideways glance.

Finding shelter from the rain. (Luke, stop eating the kids pizza)

On the other side of that bench is a huge drop down to the water. I freaked out if the kids were a mere foot away from me. They are so fast!!

It was all so misty and romantic. Sadly because of the rain, there were no boats out really, we got a quick glimpse of one but it wasn't enough for my water and boat loving girl. The whole way home she asked, "where boat go, mama?" I had to tell her they had to go to sleep because of the rain. It only mildly pacified her.

I know we'll be back Little Italy, you are a nice taste of the real deal and until we visit Rome again, Baltimore, you will just have to do.

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  1. Let me console you by assuring you how very much cleaner Baltimore is than Rome. Also, Super Target...does that help?

    P.s. Joey and Haily speak in the same dialect these days: 'where those guys going, mom? Where those trucks going, mom? What those horses doing, mom?' Who needs 'to be' verbs?