Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DC Boat Tour

One of the things I admit I do like about blogging, is the chance to sort of document and journal our kids lives. I'm terrible about doing baby books and keep saying I'm going to catch up with scrap booking this year (says the girl who says that every year), and so this has been a nice way to document and remember. I have dreams some day of having this ol blog, if I stick with it, put into hardcover book form some day to maybe give to the kids. I've heard that's possible. We'll see. In any case, please don't take any of this sort of "documenting our kids lives" as any sort of bragging, or flaunting. This is all for posterity's sake. I also enjoy smiling when I see pictures of their little faces, and laughing at a picture of something they were doing, after dealing with a dozen meltdowns and tantrums between 8am and noon and can barely see the light at the end of the day. Let's be real.

But I mean, this guy, he just melts my mama heart.

and frightens me too. Note hands on ankles. And he's  like, "knock it off guys."

We met up with my friend, Trena, who lives in the DC area.

Luke had tickets for the Capitol River Cruises that we were hoping to use when the cherry blossoms where at their peak. And well, we missed it. I think we had colds, and then Luke had to work over a weekend, and by the time we went down, they were all gone. I was so bummed, but we still had a great time. We had a picnic lunch (one of my favorite things to do, maybe because it brings out the Anne-girl in me) and then hopped on the boat for the noon ride. It was a 45min tour and was really neat to view the monuments from the water and learn some new facts about them. Nothing I can remember to tell you though, sorry, I have horrible memory retention when it comes to stuff like that. The kids loved loved loved it, and now whenever we get in the car Hailey says, "Boat? Ride the boat, mama!?"

Their love of water makes me both very happy and terrified. Thank goodness Hailey starts swim lessons today!

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  1. He looks really cute and he definitely had so much fun in this boat ride. I am sure he is now a fan of boat ride just like my kids. After our oban wildlife trips, they always insist me to go and try more boat tours.