Saturday, May 18, 2013

And we're having......

a boy!!

I was definitely surprised. With all the morning sickness I had during the first trimester, I was certain it was a girl, as I had the same experience with Hailey. But I was wrong! Either way, it really doesn't matter. We are so happy and excited and I think Casey is going to love having a little brother close in age to him. And Hailey is such a little mommy, she is going to just shower this baby with love, want to be my helper all the time and will probably continue to boss around her little brothers.


  1. Yaaaaay another little guy!! And your morning sickness experience gives me hope that I could still be working on our baseball team after all (not that I'd be disappointed with a girl. But come on, I have all the clothes already.)

    1. I know, I've completely given up on trying to compare pregnancies as a way of guessing gender! A little lady would be just precious, but I don't know, those boys are heart throbs and you are getting this raising boys thing down pat. I'm going to need advice!