Friday, November 15, 2013

Owen's tears of joy

I have not been documenting about Owen nearly enough! He is such a good baby. He eats, poops, and sleeps like a machine. I have zero complaints. 

Look how long that arm is.

I have NO pictures with my baby!! This is me attempting to take one.

He is also smiling and cooing a lot now and those moments are the best part of my day. He looks at me with so much joy written all over his face. Around 1 month old babies tear ducts begin to produce tears. I always find that fascinating and notice when they begin to show. Well, the other day, Hailey was holding him in the rocking chair in Owen's room and I was leaning over both of them talking to him. His whole face was lit up with a smile and he was cooing at me. As we were talking and smiling at each other, I notice his eyes fill up with water and then as he smiled bigger and cooed more, one tear rolled down the side of his cheek. He was so overcome with happiness looking at his mama he had tears of joy. It made my eyes well up! I never want to forget that moment.


  1. oh i might start crying just reading this…so sweet Megan.

  2. I love these pictures -- thanks for sharing! You look great, Megan.