Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hailey Loves

Hailey just wants to be loved. Every child does but she lets me know very clearly every day that she needs hugs, and affirmation. I've been trying to stop and just "be" with her more. And I'm already reaping the rewards. She is more calm, more pleasant and cheerful. When her love tank, as I call it, is low, she becomes whiny, clingy, moody, mean to Casey, name just a few. I can write it off as, "she's being three, she's being a girl, she didn't nap today" and yes, those things are factors. But really, she just needs to know Mommy loves her. 

Today we watched Charlotte's Web (the one with Dakota Fanning and Julia Roberts) during rest time and had a snack together. She got to have three unbroken graham crackers. Her favorite. I don't know if it's the brand I buy, but they break SO easily, even when lifting them out of the package. When they are all broken in pieces she's upset. 

We built a doll house together out of leggo's. 

And then she fell asleep in my arms. My three year old. I treasured it. 

We had some really hard days, she and I, in the last week. A lot of melt downs. So much whining it was unreal. And when I pray and ask God what to do, He tells me to just love her. It doesn't mean not disciplining her, I do, and I'm learning in those areas too. Thankfully, we are making strides. I'm learning what consequences are effective for her and more concrete rules are being established. I no longer feel like things are spiraling out of control and she doesn't heed my discipline. She is now. 

And I find that when I look at her and try to see her as Christ does, to love her as He does, to see her sweetness, she is such a happier child and I am one happier Mommy. Its not easy and I fail often but I am thankful to know how she feels the most loved. And knowing is half the battle as they say :)

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