Sunday, February 3, 2013

October Baby

Have you seen it? I finally did, and it was incredible. I have been wanting to see it for what feels like forever (I'm not dramatic at all), and we discovered it came out on Netflix watch instantly. Neither Luke or I had seen it, so we had ourselves a little movie night a few nights ago. It was extremely moving and of course I was crying by the end. We ended up talking for a while afterwards about the pain of abortion, the beauty of adoption and essentially, the sacredness of life. The girl in the movie, Hannah, survived a failed abortion attempt and when she found that out, she had to deal with the emotions that came with that knowledge. Her mother not wanting her. To the point of trying to kill her. How many others are there like her? To live with that pain....gosh, I can't imagine. And the beautiful scene where she forgives But then, what about the children who die in the womb because they are unwanted. Killed. They don't survive. They don't get the chance, the blessing, to live with the pain of being unwanted. At least Hannah lived. To have a life with pain, versus no life at all. My heart aches over the babies aborted every day. I look at my children and my heart can't contain all the love I feel for them. I pray for this country, those mothers who are afraid, and feel like it's their only option, I pray for their strength and courage to accept life, cherish it, and offer that child up for adoption, or seek help to keep the baby. May we all increase our prayers and efforts to end the holocaust that surrounds us.

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  1. I recently watched this with my MiL, which was pretty emotional as both of her boys are adopted, and my husband's biological mother was planning an abortion before being convinced to consider adoption and counseling.