Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Highs and Lows

Today has been mostly highs, some lows. Time for a little shameless husband boasting. This morning, Luke let me sleep in which is always wonderful. Then I went grocery shopping with the kids and got back in time for a late lunch around 12:30. I had texted him to see if he would be able to help me unload, since I had a lot and the kids were starvingstarvingstarving. He said he would be there. Well, he walked in the door with take out buffalo wings for him and I for lunch. What?!? I was JUST thinking as I was driving home about how we were talking a few days ago about getting some soon from our favorite place on main street, and Monday's are half off, but that tonight probably wouldn't work because he has bible study with his guys. (It was also on my mind because I was devouring a bag of Hanover Buffalo Wing pretzel bites as I was driving home. I was starving too, don't judge me! haha) So when he surprised me with wings for lunch it was like he had been in my head or something. I love that man.

Then I made these. We just needed some in the cookie jar for Fat Tuesday tomorrow. Wait, there's one missing....who in the world? Not I said the mother. Right. "Kids you can have one if you eat a good dinner. Now don't watch me as I hide in the corner and eat one."

*are you keeping track of what I've eaten today? Why is this post turning into a food post? I should definitely work out later. Yikes. 

Sharing. Sort of. We're learning.

Of course we also found out this morning Pope Benedict is resigning at the end of the month. I was sort of a mess of emotions about it this morning, but more about that later.

Time to make dinner. I'll spare you the knowledge of what we're having.

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  1. When it comes to cookies, I think that whoever made them gets to test one just make sure they are okay!