Thursday, March 20, 2014

The day Hailey made breakfast

March 8th was a morning I won't forget. Hailey already had been given a bowl of cereal but she decided she was still hungry. While I was in the shower, she made herself a bowl of oatmeal. Yep. Start to finish, she successfully made herself second breakfast. And there was hardly any evidence. She had gotten the big container of oatmeal out of the cupboard which was up high, measured out her oats with a measuring cup, put the oatmeal away, then added some water, microwaved it, and took it out before it bubbled over, and then she took the milk gallon and poured it into a measuring glass making it easier to carefully pour milk into her bowl. What a smarty pants. She was SO proud of herself. I couldn't believe it. There was such minimal mess too.

She is so capable, it amazes me. And only 3 and half years old. Way to go, Hailey! 

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