Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our princess and a little Irish Lad

I'm a little, no, a lot excited, about this dress I just made for Hailey.

I did not tell her to pose like this. I think it was just mid twirl. 
 I was in JoAnn's and saw the pink fabric on the bolt, already like this...with the top part all ruffled and stretchy, you know what I mean? I immediately thought how easy it would be to whip it into a dress! Seams down the sides, throw on straps and done! Weeeellll......I got home and held it up to Hailey and discovered I didn't get a big enough piece! So it became like a scene out of Cinderella:

"I'll add some sleeves and a ruffle, and something for side panels"

And voila!

The sash really brings it all together. She looks so sweet in it. The simple little summer play dress I had in mind became this adorable girly frock. I told her she can wear it every day if she wants. I meant it to be a play dress since every day she wants to wear a dress. And currently, all she wants to do is hold it and look at it, and save it for church on Sunday, which if you know Hailey, is the highest form of a compliment. It's that special to her.

And this boy....what a love. 


Happy belated St. Patrick's Day from Owen!

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