Monday, October 6, 2014

Where I've been

Well, hello! It's been a while! 6 months have flown by and so much has happened. I think I am ready, and able, to start blogging again. I have missed it, because I do like documenting things for the sake of remembering them, but then again I haven't missed it because I'm sanguine. I love people and conversing with them. It's so much easier for me to share my life with people in front of me and share my heart with them. It's actually not as easy for me to do here. But I'm terrible at writing things down and I never have time to scrapbook so this is still a way for me to "store" it all. And, let me just throw in that life is short. And if anything were to ever happen to me, I want my children to be able to see and read this and know how much I cherished every day with them.

So in the next few weeks, expect a major dump of pictures and stories from the wonderful summer we had. And then I hope to blog about life as it currently happens - in all of it's crazy, wonderful, messy chaos. 

But here is a quick update! During my absence from the blog...

- We retired from FOCUS. This was a huge deal, and although we had a great deal of peace leaving staff, it was still difficult. FOCUS changed us, forever, for the better.

-Luke took a new job as Director of Development for Mount St. Mary's Seminary. Also a huge deal, the way it all came about was truly incredible, and was so clear to us this was God's plan.

-Since for the past 3 years, Luke has been the FOCUS team director at Mount St. Mary's University, we got to stay in our house, making this the first summer that we DID NOT MOVE since we have been married, and since 2006 for Luke.  We are pros at moving, and to NOT move felt weird, but SO good!

-I had to wean Owen from nursing at 9 months old and learn how to make rice milk formula. Much much more on all that later though.

So hold me to this ok? I hope to blog at least three times a week. I think that is manageable for this mama :)


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