Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Country Hoedown

I know this is a much belated post, but I don't care :) I so badly want to remember how sweet the kids are at events like these. And this one was especially bittersweet. Since we were leaving staff officially, this was going to be Luke and my last focus event that we would host as missionaries.  It was the end of the year focus part, the theme was a country hoedown, and we had the perfect set up. 

All year the team had referred to our house as 'the ranch'

All Hailey wanted was those dorritos. As soon as she saw them, she put herself in charge of them. She made sure they made it safely on the food table.

Casey was feeling a little timid and shy, I think it was the darkness because he loves people and typically is so social. But Hailey was right there putting her arm around him and telling him, "don't worry Casey, I'm right here, I got you."

Already being such a gentleman

Stomping around in the hay that was scattered all over the back portion of our driveway. It makes me smile how it looks like they are line dancing.

Never far from his pals, Ellen and Jenna

Loving those chips!

The party was a huge success. There were over 100 students that came and many were saying it was the best party they had ever been to. Not pictured is the bonfire, mechanical bull, and stage where instructions for the line dances were given!

Last song of the night, the focus girls singing "Cowboy Take me Away" by the Dixie Chicks. I joined them right after this photo. 

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