Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Year's in Buffalo

This year we went up to my parent's house for New Year's. Three of my sisters were there which was awesome, but of course we missed the siblings that couldn't join us! We purposely timed the visit for the beginning of January so that when Luke was gone in TX for focus conference, I would have the company and help of my parents. We had such a wonderful time.

I think they did play dough every day.

Getting ready for his trip! Owen is showing his support. 
Casey LOVED having his boy cousins to play cars and trucks with.
Miss them so badly!
Sayler kids reading some classic stories with Grandma.
Auntie Maureen is so loved and adored by all her nieces and nephews.
I just love this girl. Perched and lost in a daydream.
Too cute.
Joseph, watching a show.
Our godson! He has such a sweet personality.
Casey and I had our own little tea party one afternoon...he got up before Hailey from was so special!
Our three munchkins.
Best friends. They love each other so much.

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