Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family trip to the gym.

My friend Jenny over at Mama Needs Coffee is doing a Wellness Project and I have enjoyed reading her updates so so much! I think it is an awesome idea. As mothers we have constant demands from the little ones, not to mention taking care of the house and loving our spouse. Doing something daily for US is so important. The sweet woman I worked under during college in my work study job at the library would ask me every time I came into work, "Megan, what have you done for yourself today?" She asked us all that. She wanted to make sure we were taking care of ourselves in the midst of all the studying, work and having fun. She also kept extra vitamin C on her desk for all of us. But that question has always stuck with me. My vocation has changed from student to mother, but it is just as important now as it was then. Actually, probably more so. I didn't have babies then, who depend on me for everything.

I am a healthier person - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, when I ask myself what have I done for myself. And it can be small. It just has to be something.

So, I've been joining Jenny from across the miles, you should too!

Yesterday, when Luke sent me a text asking if I wanted to bring the kids to the gym after nap time to let them burn off some energy and so we could take turns working out/watching them (they seriously should offer child care - all those college students! Come on! I know a ton of moms who would love it and use it), I said, yes definitely. The racquetball court was empty and the kids had brought two of their balls with them and wow, the squealing and running, and throwing and jumping....they were so happy. The hallways are super long too...the best for running....AND the swim team was having practice. They kept standing at the door staring at them and the girls in the pool were waving, smiling, pointing (coach kept giving us looks, but I couldn't tell if he was mad), and Casey was making their day by shyly waving back. Then when I walked over with Owen, you could practically hear the squeals through the sound proof glass doors. I like to think we do a lot of good for people's hearts and souls when we are on campus :)

Anyways, my work out felt great....although I will say I do prefer working out in the privacy of my own house better. Doing crunches on the mat next to one of Luke's disciples is not exactly what I have in mind when it comes to exercising! And ironically, or not, as I'm going through my sets of crunches, the song "Just the Way You Are" comes on my pandora station. I pretty much just stopped and smiled. I am amazing, just the way I am.

We came home hungry and tired. The kids devoured a ton of food and then collapsed into bed. It was amazing. Seriously, we'll be back soon. Very soon.

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