Tuesday, August 6, 2013

32 weeks and counting

So, baby is 32 weeks old this week! I'm starting to get really excited. And have moments of freaking out. And then go back to being really excited. I mean, you are excited all along, but as it gets closer and this little person is seriously getting their grove on all.the.time...and making you pee every 10 minutes and you can touch your belly and feel parts of their body and feel them becomes VERY real that they will be here soon! I'm aching to hold and snuggle and nurse him. I love nursing my babies. Yes, it's time consuming, and I freak out thinking about what in the world the older siblings will be doing while I'm nursing all day long and how I will keep them happy and occupied. But I can't stop thinking about this little boy about to join our family. What will he look like? How is Casey going to react to him? Hailey is a pro at this big sister thing and acts like he's here already with how much she interacts with my belly, so I'm not as concerned about her.

Sunday Mass attire

side veiw, comfy lounging evening wear

I have been dreaming about his birth literally almost every night. In a good way, not weird or anxious. Some days 8 more weeks feels like an eternity and some days it feels like it could be here tomorrow. Mostly on the days I feel blah and my hips hurt and I get heartburn 5 minutes after eating lasagna I think "how in the world am I going to do this for 8 more weeks?" And it's going to get harder! My sweet husband reminded me, "you've done it twice already." At that point I think I became a puddle of tears and hugged and thanked him.

Oh yes, did I mention emotional? I feel like my mood swings are back to super crazy. Beginning and end of pregnancies seem to be worse for me in this area. The 2nd trimester is thankfully a breeze. But goodness gracious. I can cry at the drop of a hat these days. Or because I forgot blueberries at the store. Luke, who was doing work on his computer got up saying, "its ok, I'll go back and get them for you." Making me cry more....why is he being so wonderful? 

In fact, did you know that a man's testosterone decreases right before the arrival of a new baby and after? I think it's God's way of softening him a bit to meet the needs of his wife and new baby. Thank you Jesus.

Now I'm off to eat a bowl of cereal. Followed by tums I'm sure.


  1. Megan, you look beautiful!! So exciting that you are getting so close ;) Praying for you!

  2. I second're a total babe with babe.

  3. You look totally amazing. All the pregnant momma's be wishing they were you! Ps. I can't believe how fast this has gone! Baby will be here before you know it!

  4. YOU LOOK So GREAT're all and lookin so stylish! Luke is so sweet! I think we are the same with the whole emotional thing at the beginning and the end...I've been crazy this past week!