Friday, July 26, 2013

Patience is a virtue

And one I am terrible at.

I feel like I'm waiting for so many things to happen right now...

The team arrives in town on August 6th and with that means the start of the school year. Luke will work long crazy hours till probably mid October.

We are moving - at some point. It is starting to feel like it will never get here. Basically because we thought we would be moving in July, then realized our lease isn't up till August 31st. When you move every summer, details become a little hazy. We have the new place all lined up, that's not the issue, its just that we have to stay in this crowded tiny townhouse till our lease is up in order to avoid paying rent in two places. Definitely don't want to do that, so staying it is. Luckily I hadn't started packed yet before we realized all this. But still. I want to pack. I want to move to the bigger house. I've already organized and decorated all the rooms in my head!

I'm 7 and a half months pregnant. Oh I've mentioned that already? Yep, and getting that "I am now definitely in the 3rd trimester" feeling. And the baby inside me is only going to get bigger and more uncomfortable. I need to prepare for birth, I need to prepare for another little person to join our family. I'm having crazy pregnant lady mood swings. I need to rest. And eat well. And take care of the kids. And still cook dinner......

And we have to move.

I seriously feel like I am waiting for a very very big storm to hit. I am not usually an anxious person, thanks to prayer and God's grace, but with everything that is about to happen, all this waiting for what's around the corner is starting to drive me crazy. Because it's big stuff! It's going to be stressful! And I can't even really do anything to prevent or decrease the stress. The timing of it all couldn't be worse. The beginning of the school year and all that entails, is one thing, then add a move, extremely pregnant wife and new baby coming a few weeks later.

I'm praying for strength, peace, patience and the gracefulness to help carry my family through this storm as stress-free as possible. As the husband, Luke is the head of the house, but the wife is the heart. I know that so much of my mood and attitude dictate the rest of what Luke and the kids are feeling and how they respond to everything as well.

So if you could, keep us all in your prayers! Gracias!


  1. I love you Megan, prayers from Rome.

  2. Seven+ months pregnant! How'd that happen?!?