Thursday, July 25, 2013

4 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary and although it was a low key day, it was still very special. Our anniversary tends to always be surrounded with craziness of life. Usually moving. We try to stay consistent. Our first anniversary, Hailey was only a month old and we happened to be moving that day. We moved from Loveland, CO, to Greeley, CO, which was 30 minutes east of Loveland to be closer to the University of Northern Colorado where Luke was serving with focus. We hauled our tired selves to a local Italian restaurant at 8pm that night where we sat in a booth behind the loudest group of adults ever. But the food was good. 

Our 2nd anniversary I was 6 months pregnant with Casey and we were getting ready to move back across the country to Maryland. I remember getting roses from Luke which I then proceeded to delicately transport in the front seat of the volvo when we moved on the 28th, 4 days later. They are still dried in a vase on my dresser.

Our 3rd anniversary we timed to be in Buffalo, NY visiting my parents and went out on a fancy date at this place called The Epic. We still talk about the insanely amazing food we ate. 

This year, I'm 7 and a half months pregnant, and getting ready to move again in a month. Just across town thankfully. And since the students and our team aren't back yet, we were without any babysitters, and therefore it meant a night in. Which honestly was ok. We spent the morning at the lake, let Hailey skip a nap (so she she would crash earlier), and had a nice steak dinner after the kids were in bed. Luke gave me a beautiful pair of earrings and we watched some of our wedding video. We have done this on our anniversary before (year 2 I think) and it's always really great to listen to the homily Father gave that day. 

And since I'm a sentimental gal and all, here are some pictures from our wedding:

Our Lady of Victory Basilica, Buffalo, NY. My dream as a little girl of getting married here came true.

the beauty takes your breath away

exchanging vows

my turn

my sister made our cake (extra desserts were also on hand) and the cake topper was my grandparent's.

We had made the decision not to do the garter toss, and Luke surprised me instead by washing my feet, as Christ had washed the feet of the apostles as a sign of his humility, love and desire to serve. As our friend who was our DJ called me to the dance floor, and Luke escorted me to the chair, he explained what Luke was going to do, and why, (Luke had written out what he wanted him to say), and then he played the Matt Maher song "Your Love is Extravagant" while Luke washed my feet. There was not a dry eye in the room.
still makes me emotional looking at these pictures
So in love.

And 4 years later..... 

steak dinner in, 2 kids in bed, one on the way....

And the next morning, he brings me breakfast in bed saying, "Happy anniversary again honey."

Luke, I would marry you all over again. In a heartbeat. 


  1. He washed your feet?! What a good man! That is a beautiful witness. Ie never seen that done and I know it spoke volumes! Happy anniversary!

  2. So many good memories of that day!

  3. So many good memories of that day!