Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Age Milestones

Casey, 18 months old
Casey is entering toddlerhood and taking it by storm. He loves to explore outside and is in full discovery mode these days. Can't stay away from dirt and puddles and listening/obeying is not his strong point. He is so quick and gets away from me in the blink of an eye. Taking them out front to ride their bikes has become nightmarish for me lately. His current favorites are Thomas the Train, reading books by himself or being read to, still teething fiercely on the corners of his blankie, following Hailey around and doing whatever it is she is doing, Signing Time dvds from the library, and dance parties in the living room after dinner. Words he says: knock knock, more, no more, Mom, Dada, Tase, cheese, tank you, yes, no, oh no, duck, truck, ball, boat, moon.

Hailey, 3 yrs. old
Hailey is still into playing dolls, kitchen, tea parties and has recently watched Cinderella and is completely in love. She bought a new doll with her birthday money, and surprise surprise, it looks identical to the one she already has. So now she goes every with "two babies" as she says. She still wants to push them in her little doll stroller wherever we go (Mass, library, park, road trips, walks...everywhere) She loves to kiss and hug and snuggle the baby in my belly and shares her blankie with him, spreading it out on my tummy. She is finally sleeping all night in her toddler bed, but needs to be taken back and re-tucked in at least once a night. Likes to mother Casey all the time, sometimes being rather mean and bossy which she gets in trouble for, but otherwise, brings him his blanket when he is sad, will ask him, "ohhh, need hug Tasey?" tells me when he is poopy, tries to wipe his face and nose, brings him his sippy cup and will put his baby quilt on him in his bed if I forget.

It's a constant back and forth of them being the best of friends and the worst of enemies, but that's just the way it goes.

I love you, Hailey and Casey!

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  1. Oh my goodness- they're just adorable!
    Casey's hair looks like it's gotten lighter?