Monday, April 27, 2015

Ready, Set....Go!

The next two weeks are going to be a blurr. Our house is essentially becoming a bed and breakfast.

Right now, our very good friend, Mark, who happens to be Casey's godfather, is visiting for the weekend. We all love seeing him and spending time catching up, but it is especially sweet to watch he and Casey play catch in the yard. The timing of his visit, which was sort of last minute, worked out great because Luke and I had an event to attend on campus and were able to cancel our babysitter and Mark got quality time with the kiddos!

Tomorrow morning he leaves....(must wash sheets and put back on the bed.)

On Thursday, my little sister is coming for a visit!! I am so excited!! Friday, we have another event (phew, end of the school year is hectic), we have to go at the seminary, and afterwards Luke and I are leaving town for a little one night overnight. I can't wait!! The last time we did one was two years ago. I don't know where we are going yet, probably somewhere in Gettysburg, which is always awesome.

We will come back Saturday morning and then spend the day getting ready for the country hoedown! It's the huge end of the year focus event and we hosted it at our house last year. It was our last event before we left staff, so it was a little bittersweet. We have still had a lot of contact with the focus missionaries throughout this year, they are practically family, so we were thrilled when they asked if they could host the same event at our place again this year. It was a major sucess, there were about 150 people line dancing in our hay strewn driveway, beneath twinkly christmas lights It's going to be a blast.

Sunday, Maureen is going to pick up her boyfriend in VA and bring him back to our house. (Pull out some clean sheets for him to crash Sunday night on the couch) I am so excited to spend time with the two of them together. Her bf happens to be a focus mish that we are good friends with which is super fun. They actually met by chance, and not because we set them up. But we have done a lot of encouraging since they got together :) :)

Monday morning (early early), Maureen will take her boy to the airport, then come back here. (That morning, must wash guest room sheets and put back on bed) Later that afternoon, I will drive Maureen to the airport to catch her flight, and while I'm there, pick up our friend Brian and bring him back to our house!!!!

Tuesday Luke will take Brian to DC for the work conference he came out here to attend, and have a seminary donor meeting while he is down there. (Wash sheets for the last time and put away)

Tuesday afternoon, I have a 2-3 hour allergy appointment. (Can't forget to find a sitter, yikes).

Wednesday afternoon, I have my annual physical, hiphiphorray.

Thursday, take the boys to the naturopath for a check up and get new round of allergy drop treatment.

And Friday, Luke leaves for a weekend business trip in Cali.

If I am still walking, talking, smiling and laughing on Monday, May 11th, it might be a small miracle. I think it'll all be ok, one day at a time, keep meals simple, keep expectations low. And it's going to be insane amounts of fun too :)

I just need to go buy more toilet paper.

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