Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter in NYC

This year we decided we wanted to do something fun for Easter so on Good Friday we headed up to New York City. We had no set agenda, we simply planned to enjoy each other and the city. Which is exactly what we did :)

Hailey comes alive when we travel. She loves an adventure. She assumes this role of being extra caring of her brothers (putting Owen in the stroller, helping Casey put his shoes on, reminding him to wash his hands after going potty and getting their clothes out in the morning to get dressed) She typically does most of these things at home, but when we are on vacation, she majorly takes it up a notch. This picture is how she arranged the bottom dresser drawer in our hotel room with all their little belongings they brought along. Too precious. 

After we got settled into our hotel room, we walked up to St. Patrick's (only 7 minute walk!), for Good Friday services. We missed the 3:30pm service, but we were there for the Stations of the Cross and afterwards they were still allowing people to come up and venerate the cross. 

Sweet Casey in line to kiss Jesus on the cross.

Taken outside the Cathedral...I was so excited to be spending the Tridium at St. Pat's. Despite all the scaffolding, it was still very peaceful and beautiful to be there.

We then took a stroll down 5th Avenue and went into F.A.O. Schwartz, this huge toy store (the movie "Big", starring Tom Hanks, was filmed there), to just look around for fun. They had this life size Lego tin soldier which was so cool.

As we were leaving, we realized we were across the street from the Plaza Hotel! (Eloise started playing in my head, obviously)

Saturday morning we wanted to take a ferry boat ride to see the Statue of Liberty, as well as stop by the 911 memorial. Since we would have to take the subway to get there, we really didn't want to take the clunky double stroller with us as it can be quite cumbersome. But I realized I had forgotten to bring the Ergo!! Which meant I had to get creative with my scarf! It actually worked out great. I knotted it at my hip, and it was almost like a sling. But the way I positioned Owen in it, it practically felt like the Ergo! 

I was way happier than I look in this picture, (I have to concentrate so hard when I take selfies, you would think with my long fingers I can manage to hold the phone and press the button, but I always find it nearly impossible to do! I really was super happy :)

Look how we could cuddle all day!! awwww!! Mutual devotion, let me tell you...

These two were so amazing all day. They handled everything exceptionally well. They had their lunches in their back packs, and it was fun to see them experiencing new things.

Waiting for the subway. (Mommy repeated telling them, hands on your knees, not on the floor! Otherwise, I was really chill. Honest, I was. I do not lie.)

Lulled to sleep on the subway, such a love.

On the ferry boat, taking in the skyline.

There she is, hasn't aged a bit ;)

Passing under the Brooklyn Bridge which was really cool to see it up close.

Mid day refueling with the most delicious cappuccino from a coffee truck on the side of the road. 

911 memorial. Luke's first time seeing it. 

On the way home, we stopped in Grand Central Terminal to get some food to cook for our Easter Sunday dinner the next day. There was the awesome market with all kinds of fresh food. I took the kids to the potty while Luke picked out the food. 

When we got back to the hotel, we had a simple meal of food I had brought from home, gave the kids showers and put them to bed. 

Sunday morning Easter baskets!!! I even brought the eggs they dyed at home on Holy Thursday. And nadda one cracked. Hurray! The coloring books and cards were from their Grandma Tricia.

We went to 8:45am mass at St. Patrick's which was still very crowded, even though it was the 10:15 mass that was being said by Cardinal Dolan. You needed tickets for it, hence why we went to the earlier one. 

I wish I had attempted our Easter picture before mass....this is what happened when we got home...

Poor Owen...

Not having it....

I think this is the keeper.

It's over.

I liked my Easter attire and wanted to document it ;) 

After we all changed clothes we headed out again! This time to Rockefeller Center, Times Square and Central Park, all within walking distance.

Casey begging me to take the "train" again.

Before hitting up Central Park, we were on a mission to get New York pizza. It was worth the extra blocks. Yum! And we saw some pretty side streets while we were at it.

Hailey, sees a squirrel, "hello squirrel, it's me, Hailey."

Chasing the squirrel, let to a game of peek a boo with Mommy around the tree.

Love them!! They ate that snow cone the whole way back to the hotel. 

I had to get a picture of us in Central Park because although both of us have been to the city a couple of times, neither one of us had EVER been to Central Park. Crazy!!! So it was pretty cool to get to go for the first time, together. 

We got back to the hotel and were totally spent. Luke's pedometer on his phone said we walked 8 miles. Phew. We fed the kids, put them to bed, then Luke made us our Easter dinner. It was very cute and romantic and all that jazz :)

Goodbye New York! I couldn't get Owen to look, but Monday, the 6th, was his half birthday! 18 months old!!

On the way home, we stopped at a park off the highway to meet up with an old friend from college, Nat!! It was SO wonderful to see her and Jer and meet their kids. 

My heart was so full coming back home. There is so much in my life to be thankful for. Don't you just love Easter?

Jesus is risen! Alleluia! 


  1. So cute Meg! It looks like you guys had so much fun and I love hearing about your travels!!

  2. I am so glad you shared your Easter pictures with us!!!! They were so great! What an awesome memory for your kids! We miss you guys