Monday, October 14, 2013

Introducing....Owen Michael!

He is here! And a whole week old! Every day this past week I thought I would get on here and at least get some pictures up. But it just didn't happen. We have been busy nursing, bonding, sleeping, and simply enjoying being a family of 5!

So here are some quick stats, as I think he is revving up for another nursing sesh. He was born on Sunday, October 6th, at 7:22am, (contractions began at 3am) and we only barely made it to the hospital. More on his birth story later though! He is a whooping 10lbs 5oz, 23 inches of lovable goodness! 

Learning his size and we are in shock!

Meeting his siblings! This is my favorite picture of my three children!! Owen's like, umm, mom.....

Casey immediately wanted to be friends

Hanging out on the bili blanket. It was to help prevent him from becoming jaundice because he was at risk for it because his blood type is different than mine and he tested kums positive (no idea what that is, not a permanent thing, just something that was a red flag for jaundice). And he never did develop jaundice, yay!

Hailey was so excited when we came home!

I kept this piece of paper that I wrote out on my nightstand and would look at and read it every day. It says.....For this birth I will: have a quick, easy, gentle and comfortable birth; remain calm and relaxed; know when it is time to leave for the hospital; get to the hospital on time.

here is what our days have been looking like. 

We are loving every minute. The kids adore their brother. Every time he makes a sound, Hailey says, "Casey look!" And they both hover over him to see what he's doing. I can't thank you all enough for all of you prayers, love and support. We are so blessed and happy Owen is here at last and that everything went so smoothly. Thank you Jesus!


  1. Megan! He is so gorgeous! I've been praying for you all week, I had a feeling he was here already. And, um, you totally gave birth to a toddler. An almost 2 foot tall toddler.

  2. Congrats to you Megan! What a handsome little man you have :) Can't wait to hear the birth story!

  3. Welcome, Owen! and Ditto what Cynthia said!