Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Party Round 2

Friday the 13th we attended the all staff Christmas party the university hosts. It is a highly attended, very popular event and a ton of fun. I started asking around for a babysitter 2 weeks ahead of time because all my usual girls who are students would already be gone, headed home by then. And with everyone wanting to go, I knew the demand for local babysitters would be high! Luckily, my gal was available and I booked her before anyone else :) 

I was the lucky one with two handsome dates :)

It's such a fun time because we get to hang out with all the couples we are friends with. I see my mom friends often during the week, at playgroup and storytime at the library, and Luke will often run into their husbands at work. So for all of us to hang out together is really nice. 

My favorite part of the evening was dancing some salsa with Luke. There is an Argentinian couple who live here and the wife, Cynthia, teaches Spanish and her husband just got a new job teaching at CUA in DC. Anyway, they were complaining how the music was so bad and we agreed it wasn't great, and they just wanted them to play some salsa or merengue. With Luke's help, they looked up a song on Spotify on his phone and asked the DJ to play it. When it came on, they were going to be the only one's on the dance floor. So I grabbed Luke and said, "let's go!" He looked at me like, "we're going to salsa with them?!" I think I surprised him:) It came back to me and I knew what I was doing! He is a natural dancer and caught on in like 1 minute and I'd say we did ok! After it ended, Cynthia thanked me for joining them out there. I would do it again! Maybe we'll practice before next year :)

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